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Since its inception Brad Goode & Associates Pty Ltd has submitted in excess of 250 Aboriginal heritage assessment survey reports, a multitude of heritage management plans, site recording forms and section 18 consent notices to the Department of Aboriginal Affairs in line with the legislative requirements under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 (AHA).

Reports produced by Brad Goode and Associates Pty Ltd have consistently met the requirements of the ACMC when submitted for consideration to support ministerial consent applications under section 18 of the AHA.

Fraser River National Park

Mr Brad Goode is the managing director and principal Anthropologist of Brad Goode & Associates Pty Ltd. Mr Brad Goode has a major from the BA in Aboriginal and Intercultural Studies from Edith Cowan University and a BA in Anthropology and Sociology from Curtin University. Mr Brad Goode has a trusted reputation and rapport with Aboriginal communities gained by 18 years of field experience in the South West, Goldfields, Pilbara and the Mid-West. Mr Goode is a full professional member of the Anthropological Society of Western Australia (ASWA).

At Brad Goode and Associates, a number of qualified archaeologists and anthropologists make up the team of independent heritage consultants and the office provides the professional team with administrative support, GIS mapping, financial management, field assistance and report production services.

All members of the team are indemnified under appropriate insurances held by Brad Good & Associates and are experienced team players that provide a multi-disciplinary approach to consultancy service in a modern business environment.

The latest technologies that pertain to data mapping (ArcGIS V10) are used to provide accurate data, GPS routes and maps when conducting field surveys. All field data collected is then used to produce quality aerial maps with detailed analysis in a clear concise format for final reports, site recording forms and Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMP).